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strategic planning for effective corporate performance
through interactive workshops
analysing key business processes and critical success factors

Consultancy  - Process - Workshop

The Workshop is an intensive, interactive working session; not merely a seminar or set of lectures.

The broad objective is to improve the performance of the organisation, by analysing current performance and developing improvement action plans.

The participants identify, analyse and resolve their key issues in their own terms, but following a structured process suitable to the focus of the workshop.

I guide and facilitate this process, and I can often serve as a catalyst to stimulate fresh thinking.

The workshop is self-documenting. As it proceeds, I formally record all issues, analyses and decisions, and the final action-plan.

Immediately after the workshop, I prepare a master copy of the documentation and deliver it to the Sponsor, as the formal report from the workshop.

The duration of a Workshop is 3 days.

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