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Website Creation - Focus

A website may be pitched at any of several functional levels.

It could be a simple statement of the business service that you provide, with basic contact details.

It could be a comprehensive description of your business, with detailed definition of all your products and services, and communication support for basic interaction with clients.

It could be a fully operational business mechanism, through which all your business activities - marketing, orders, deliveries, payments and customer support - are transacted.

You must decide which functions the website is to perform, with the consequent complexity of design and requirement for investment of time and money.

You may make the decision on the basis of an immediate, clear, affordable requirement.

You may find that financial constraints limit the scope of your website, but you can still implement an effective basic site.

You may even develop a strategy for implementing the website in discrete phases, only proceeding to the next stage when the effectiveness of the current stage has been fully evaluated.

Additionally at this juncture you should decide on a domain name for your website, and select a web hosting service package.

I can assist you in making these judgements, but the final decision must be yours.

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