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Why A Website?

A website can be a showcase for your business that's open all hours.

Your showcase may be discovered by a determined visitor who knows exactly what they're seeking, or by a casual browser.

Either way it provides a point of contact with a potential client, an opportunity for you to invite them to consider a longer term business relationship.

Your invitation may be brisk, like speed-dating - "Hello. I'm me. If you're interested, ring me on this number."

Or you may invite them for a leisurely stroll through the nooks and crannies of your emporium, tempting them with delights they never knew they wanted.

The choice is yours, depending on your style and your experience.

Implementing a website needn't be difficult or expensive, and could make a significant contribution at least to your marketing and customer contact strategy.

If you're interested in the possibilities, let's talk.

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